Our Projects in Berlin in 2017

After our successful project "Cóncavo" with workshops and public concerts in Havanna / Cuba, we were able to organize a mirror event in Berlin.


Cóncavo 2017 - Cuba in Germany

Watch out for September 27th, 2017!


We will present our project "Concavo" at Instituto Cervantes in Berlin.

Artists from Cuba and Germany will present poetry, lyrics and music in a fusion of spoken word, Soul, R'nB and instrumentals.


More to be announced soon!


Please register at forum.fb@fes.de before 22nd September!!!! Free entrance


Photo: Eme Alfonso (HipHop/Soul, Kuba)
Participating artists:
Eme Alfonso (Havanna / Cuba)
Arema Arega (Havanna / Barcelona)
Yugen Blakrok (Johannesburg / South Africa)
Trumpet / Percussion: El Congo Allen (Holguin / Berlin)

Bass: Giuseppe Bottiglieri

Drums: Robert Mummendey




27th, September 2017, 19:00 PM


Concert - Performance & Talk

Eme Alfonso (Cuba), El Congo Allen (Cuba / Berlin), Arema Arega (Cuba), Yugen Blakrok (South Africa),

Bass: Giuseppe Bottiglieri

Drums: Robert Mummendey


A project by No Boundaries e.V.

Sponsored by: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

in cooperation with Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes

Rosenstraße 18-19

10178 Berlin



Email: no.boundaries.ev@gmail.com


Beautiful workshops, sessions and encounters...


From September 25-27th, 2017 the artists and musicians gathered, talked, painted, wrote and composed. Videos and fotos are coming up very soon on this site...


Special thanks to Arema Arega, Eme Alfonso, Yugen Blakrok and El Congo Allen!


And thanks to the sponsor Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Forum Berlin as well as to the host Instituto Cervantes, Berlin.

At "Concavo: Havanna in Berlin" we combine Cuban lyrics, South African verse and newly composed music and rhythms from Germany and Cuba for a concert of voice, spoken word, melodie and rhythms!! A beautiful encounter of multigenre, crossculture and wonderful encounters.

The Artists

Eme Alfonso


Singer / Songwriter




Get impressions from her work here...

Arema Arega


Singer / Songwriter

Design / Illustrations

Cuba / Spain


Get impressions from her work here...

El Congo Allen


Musical Director

Trumpet / Percussion

Cuba / Germany


Get impressions from his work here...









Yugen Blakrok



South Africa


Get impressions from her work here...

Melodies for words, words accompanying music, sounds creating a bridge between Havanna and Berlin! The artists will create new sounds, lyrics and combinations just for this evening.


A concert, performance and talk between Havanna and Berlin!

Cóncavo: Short Documentary

Cóncavo Havanna - Berlin, a short Documentary from the Workshops and Concert in Berlin 2017!

Radio Cosmo, with Tunes from "Cóncavo"

Impressions from Berlin

Impressions from Cuba