DExZA day two - Olad

DExZA day two....

First we have the sad duty to inform all those who may not be into the whole rugby world championships thing going on in the UK right now (surely no one in South Africa) that South Africa has indeed lost the semi finals to New Zealand :( However, after what certainly amounted to what can only be described as utter disappointment the city felt quiet but not devastated and even the true fans within our little #DExZA family were able to move on to our first official gathering in a cosy and simply scrumptious little restaurant in the city.

After a proper night of RNR we are currently at the location for today's first show. The morning began with introductions and every artist performed a small piece of their own. As we speak I am sitting backstage writing this post while the artists have broken up into small groups in order to sort out common ground, possibilities of collaboration the results of which will become clear as the week continues. Pictures and impressions of today's show are forthcoming. Very exited to see what happens when DExZA hits the stage for the first time today. 

Please understand, these posting are short and pretty much right to the point as time is an issue throughout this week.

Lots of material will surely follow upon the conclusion of the Joburg portion of this thing we call DExZA

Peace and blessings from No Boundaries e.V, Word N Sound and the entire DExZA fam!

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