No Boundaries e.V.

An organization for national and international Cross-Genre events & projects between the lines. Literature, Music and Arts intertwined to send a message. Either to watch, listen and observe or to learn and have a look at the layers behind...

Die Quelle der Inspiration:

No boundaries


I possess neither wings

nor the magician’s mischief

but, believe me, I can fly

and I can also be a landscape

of mirrors that name whatever moves

or has pretensions to be alive


On the wingspan of my desire

easy as the approach of any day

you can clearly remember

I can fly to any place

or moment fertile with memory

or create fresh ones without a single boundary

though our lives remain so pathetically prosaic


With informed hope

and resolve we must know

how to move forward to a landscape

where our dreams cannot be turned into nightmare

where our dreams are always in sight

where we must again

redden the blackest folds

of our memory and intent


by Keorapetse Kgositsile

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