Our ideas and projects can only come to life thanks to the foundations and institutions that sponsor us.

We are very greatful to our sponsors and appreciate their financial support, crucial to the realization of our projects!


Project: Behind Bars IV)

Sponsored by: Vinci Stiftung und Vinci Facilities GmbH

in cooperation with: Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin (Youth Detention Facility)

Project: Behind Bars: Der Schimmelreiter

Sponsored by Sammelfonds für Geldauflagen zu Gunsten gemeinnütziger Einrichtungen

in cooperation with: Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin (Youth Detention Facility)


Project: Concavo

Sponsored by: Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung

in cooperation with: Instituto Cervantes




Project: Concavo

Sponsored by: Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Havanna, Goethe-Institut, Auswärtiges Amt

in cooperation with Havanna Cultura, UNEAC



Project: Behind Bars III): Moving Wor(l)ds

Sponsored by: ChanceTanz

in cooperation with: Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin (Youth Detention Facility), Tanztangente


Project: BeTroit

Sponsored by: Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung

in cooperation with: University of Michigan in cooperation with Gangway e.V.



Project: Behind Bars II): Salomé - Und der Klang der Macht

Sponsored by: Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung

in cooperation with: Junge Deutsche Oper Berlin, Gangway e.V.



Project DexZa

Sponsored by: Goethe-Institut, Auswärtiges Amt, Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Pretoria

German Foreign Office/German Embassy Pretoria, Goethe- Institut Johannesburg, Goethe-Institut Head Office Munich

Project: Cambodian Son (FilmScreening)

Sponsored by: Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung


Project Behind Bars

Sponsored by: Bezirksamt Berlin-Charlottenburg, Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, private Sponsor

in cooperation with Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin