Dry Waters - 2018

Senegal - Australia - Cuba and Germany meeting in Dakar in June 2018 to create new stories, lyrics, melodies dedicated to the OCEAN

Babacar Mbaye Ndaak (c)

On June 21st, 2018 Babacar Mbaye Ndaak (Dakar / Senegal), Georgie Fisher (Australia / Germany), Daniel "El Congo" Allen (Cuba / Germany) and Malik (Dakar / Senegal) will work together for 3 days in order to create a whole performance dedicated to the OCEAN. Stories, lyrics and melodies will be created for this ocasion and put on stage in Dakar at the Heinrich Böll Office.

The whole performance will be the frame of the presentation of the French version of the "Atlas de Mer", published by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.


More information will come up soon...

For further information on our artists check out these videos:

Babacar Mbaye Ndaak: griot, teacher, poet, writer, co founder of national storytellers association "Léebóon ci leer":

Georgie Fisher: singer songwriter, performance artist from Australia, Sidney now in Berlin!!:

Daniel "El Congo" Allen: Musical Director, curator, composer, trumpet, percussion from Cuba and Berlin: