No Boundaries – Literature . Music . Arts e.V.

No Boundaries - Literature . Music . Arts e.V. is an organisation based in Berlin / Germany, founded in 2013. It creates, manages and organizes events that aim to break down any form of "mental" boundaries and/or limitations. Literature, music, science, visual art as well as a diversity of other art forms are going to be merged within international collaborations. Music embraces literature and artists are invited to participate within workshop settings. These will create opportunity for dialogue which will nurture new ideas resulting in the creation of new works. Artists will be provided with a platform to present their thoughts, art and ideas to an audience, that is culturally curious and interested. Intellectuals and young people alike will be addressed by the program, its reflections and projects. Contemporary art will be presented in all of its diverse fractions. The association believes in the idea of connecting the arts with the ideas of young people and/or individuals who are involved in social programs and who are therefore often left out of art projects which are currently being developed or offered to the public. Students, scholars, universities as well as formerly or currently incarcerated young and old people are considered “No Boundaries” constituency on our journey to create new project ideas. Dialogue is the core principal of our projects.