Dry Waters - 2018

The program in Dakar:


18th June, 18h: MCU with Africulturban: Short Concert


21st June, 13h: Gorée Island, Musee de la Mer: Short Performance during the presentation of Atlas of the Ocean.


21st June, 19h: Heinrich Böll Foubdation: Concert


22nd June, 9h-14h: Maison des èclaireurs: Concert


Participating Artists:

Babacar Ndaak Mbaye (Griot), Fatym Sy (Spoken word / HipHop), Georgie Fisher (singer songwriter), Malick Sy (Bass), Sira Sissokho (Drums/ Percussion), Daniel "El Congo" Allen (Trumpet/ Percussion).

Senegal - Australia - Cuba and Germany meeting in Dakar in June 2018 to create new stories, lyrics, melodies dedicated to the OCEAN

Babacar Mbaye Ndaak (c)

From June 18-June 22nd, 2018 Babacar Mbaye Ndaak (Dakar / Senegal), Georgie Fisher (Australia / Germany), Daniel "El Congo" Allen (Cuba / Germany), FATIM (Dakar / Senegal), Sira Sissokho (Drums) and Malik Sy (Dakar / Senegal) will work together for 3 days in order to create a whole performance dedicated to the OCEAN. Stories, lyrics and melodies will be created for this ocasion and put on stage in Dakar at the Heinrich Böll Office.

The whole performance will be the frame of the presentation of the French version of the "Atlas de Mer", published by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.



For further information on our artists check out these videos:

Babacar Mbaye Ndaak: griot, teacher, poet, writer, co founder of national storytellers association "Léebóon ci leer":

Georgie Fisher: singer songwriter, performance artist from Australia, Sidney now in Berlin!!:

Daniel "El Congo" Allen: Musical Director, curator, composer, trumpet, percussion from Cuba and Berlin:

Malick SY is a Senegalese bass
player who, at the age of 15,
had a passion for music and began to play acoustic guitar. But very soon the bass guitar became his favorite instrument which engaged him in an exciting
adventure made of meetings,
discovries and travels.
From self - taught training he was able to deepen his musical skills by attending the big names of Senegalese music at the beginning in the district of his
adolescence at the "Diokhanés" and the great musical families of the Sicap Street 10 including the Cissé family (IBOU CISSE a member of the family is the keyboard player of YOUSSOU NDOUR) and the
Faye (late HABIB FAYE was the bass player, keyboard player, composer and arranger of YOUSSOU NDOUR).In the 90 's he founded with his friends the XAMELE afro band which had a very good reputation in the Dakar music scene. 4 years later He saw his young talent rewarded by replacing HABIB FAYE in the Super Etoile’s group of YOUSSOU NDOUR for concert series in the largest halls of Dakar.
This event marked an important turning point in his musical career and he collaborated with leading artists of the Dakar music scene as Side Man for live concerts and studio sessions.

FATIM is a Senegalese MC, Slammer, Television Moderator and member of the Group Wa Bng 44 as well as member of Farafina Mousso.


She is one of the first female MCs in Senegal. She made her Debut with Wa Bmg 44 avec with whom she got the chance to tour through Senegal and Europe.

Her lyrics are fearless and does not hold back any of her opinions. In 2007 together with Gina, Angel and Njaaya, she founded the female HipHop Crew: Farafina Mousso. She represented Senegal at the Shanghai China International Arts Festival. For the Spanish Television she has produced several documentaries on environmental topics. At the moment she is working on a new production with the Label Bois Sakré.